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-Mexico: Protestant Christians Forced to Leave Village on Threats of Crucifixion

by Dr. D ~ September 20th, 2011

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MEXICO CITY, September 16 (Compass Direct News) – About 70 Protestant Christians lived in the village of San Rafael Tlanalapan, Puebla state, until Monday (Sept. 12), when they faced a frightening ultimatum – leave immediately or be “crucified or lynched.”

Traditionalist Catholics in the village of San Rafael Tianalapan threatened to crucify all the Protestants in their village (men ,women, and children) and destroy their homes. The 70 or so Protestant Christians living in the village escaped with their lives and with only what they could manage to carry in their cars.

The Protestant Christians moved to nearby towns with prominent Protestant churches and communities.

Meanwhile the Catholic Archbishop Victor Sanchez Espinosa was quoted as saying:

“It is necessary to respect the traditions of the towns. The Catholics feel attacked, but we would hope there would be no violence. I invite the community, totally Catholic, and the small Christian community, to prudence, order and respect.”

Mexico is supposed to have some kind of freedom of religion but there seems to be a major loop hole when it comes to municipal jurisdictions which have a certain degree of autonomy:

“The “Uses and Customs” section of the Mexican constitution grants indigenous communities some autonomy to exercise traditional law, although Protestant attorneys say it is misused to allow local authorities to violate minority communities’ religious freedom. The “Uses and Customs” article is designed to protect indigenous customs from government obliteration, but traditionalist Catholics evoke it to jail or expel those who differ from them, the attorneys say.”

Response: This is the type of event that you expect to read about happening in the Middle East.

What is really disturbing is that a catholic priest apparently encouraged the whole expulsion in a sermon. Not only that, but the nearby Archbishop seems more concerned about the controversy that has risen in the aftermath than what happened to the Protestant families who had to leave their homes and run for their lives.

Christian against supposed Christian, what a sad turn of events. One thing for sure, it really does provide more evidence of how completely out of control the nation of Mexico really is.  Apparently the national government has no plans to resolve this issue and help the Protestant families get their property back.            *Top

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