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-Abbas Claims 1947 Borders for Palestinian State?

by Dr. D ~ September 19th, 2011


Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas announced on Friday (Sept. 16) that he would seek recognition for the new Palestinian state from the UN Security Council next week.

While he indicated that the borders of the state were yet to be negotiated with Israel and the 1967 borders were referenced in his UN application, he contended that the new state should ‘officially’ include all of the land originally defined by the borders drawn by the UN in 1947. The territory which continues to be retained by Israel should be considered as ‘occupied’ territory.

He also emphasized that the Palestinian’s intended to claim Jerusalem as their capital.

Response: Talk about a reach. The 1947 UN borders were never established as part of any country. They were ignored by all parties as war ensued almost immediately between the Jews and the Palestinian’s.

If Abbas wants the 1947 borders than he must give ups his claim to Jerusalem.  Jerusalem was slated to become an international city under a UN charter and was not supposed to be part of either a Jewish or Palestinian state according to those 1947 UN borders that Abbas wants to cite.

Note also that the 1947 partition does not provide for a secure state for either the Palestinian’s or the Israeli’s.           *Top

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