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-Have Muslim-Christian Relations Improved Since 9/11/01? Well…

by Dr. D ~ September 8th, 2011


Christianity Today tackles the question:  “Have Muslim-Christian Relations Improved Since 9/11?” with three Christian leaders responding with well…mixed reactions.

Rick Love, of Peace Catalyst International and a consultant for Christian-Muslim relations with the Vineyard USA, says: Yes

In spite of  Terrorist attacks and Wars Rick Love actually sees some improvement and cites a number of different inter-faith programs which have been initiated since 9/11.

Meanwhile, Carl Moeller, of Open Doors USA, a group that works with persecuted Christians worldwide, says: No

He sees problems on both sides.

He says that most of the worst persecutors of Christians have Islamic governments which seem to becoming even more radical.

He also says that Americans are not responding as well to the call to bring Christ and the Gospel to Muslim nations as they use to. He says that:  “Jesus’ teaching is clear. We must love our enemies.” – but many Christians seem to be responding with hate instead.

Jason Micheli, pastor at Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Alexandria, Virginia, says: Yes –In Our Church

Pastor Micheli talks about inter-faith programs with local Muslims at his church. The growth that is taking place but also the national criticism which they have received in the process.

<<Read the entire article and respond>>

Response: Obviously mixed results.

Fact is, before 9/11 no one was even concerned about Christian-Muslim relations so in that respect some progress has been made.

However, controversy has raised it’s head among evangelical Christians under the term- ‘Chrislim’. The term that is supposed to identify folks who adhere in their faith to both Christianity and Islam. But some Christians have used the term against other brothers and sisters who have sponsored inter-faith services in their churches including exchanging prayers and readings of the Quran from the pulpit.

Also, it is hard to see any progress when the plight of fellow Christians in Muslim dominated countries has gone from bad to worse as the Muslim culture seems to be going through a more radical revival.

From my perspective, Islam was a somewhat hidden religion in America until 9/11. Following that event Muslims have seemed to come out of the woodwork and have asked for respect and understanding in the face of all of the terrorist events being perpetrated in the name of their religion. Before 9/11 their religion was pretty much ignored.

Many in our country have overreacted to everything Muslim to the degree that some are claiming that ‘Islamophobia’ is an actual problem in the USA. However, the Constitution grants ‘freedom of religion’ for all religions in this country regardless.

One issue that is a valid problem presented by Islam in America is how to respond to Sharia. Under our legal system and our civil rights and freedoms defined by the Constitution, how much of sharia law and traditions can be legally accommodated in America? This has yet to be addressed.

What do you think? Has there been any progress or is it getting worse?            *Top

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