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-Turkey: Discrimination of Israeli Jews -Is This the Beginning?

by Dr. D ~ September 5th, 2011

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Forty Israeli Jews arriving in Istanbul, Turkey on a flight from Tel Aviv, Israel were separated out from other travelers, detained, strip searched, and questioned for over an hour. This is the first time that Israelis have ever been subjected to this kind of treatment.

Meanwhile, the Turkish press is conveniently reporting similar treatment for Turks arriving in Israel, though Israeli authorities resolutely deny it.

Response: Just the act of separating Israeli Jews from the rest of the arriving passengers and then forcing them all to go through a strip search harkens back to the treatment of Jews in Germany of the 1930’s. Is this just the beginning?

At the very least, it is a radical departure from the usual treatment of Israeli citizens in Turkey. Has it really come to this? Is this some kind of demonstration that relations between the two countries is now going from bad to worse? Obviously.

Regardless, this sets a terrible precedence.

It will be interesting to see if the US State department will protest this event or will they wait until some American Jews are treated similarly?

The mainstream media in America has largely ignored the turning of Turkey from a moderate European leaning country towards a more radical Islamist Middle Eastern power. Maybe this will begin to open their eyes. We have posted numerous times in the past on this change of direction:

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