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-Is Peace in the Middle East Even Possible?

by Dr. D ~ September 5th, 2011

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Over and over again we hear that peace in the Middle East will never be a reality until the Palestinians have their own country. 

US ambassador to Israel, Daniel Shapiro, is the latest to make that claim:

"Negotiations based on the goal of a two-state solution must be resumed, and we are confident that bilateral negotiations are the only way to reach a lasting peace."

However, Shapiro is not an naïve as many have been. Here he qualifies his hopes with a dose of reality in next paragraph of his speech:  

"While reaching peace will not ensure stability by any means, the lack of peace will decrease stability dangerously. Absence of peace will strengthen leaders who are hostile to peace.

This really begs the question –is peace in the Middle East even possible?

The UN is set to vote on whether to recognize the sovereignty of the Palestinian Territories this month. More than 120 countries already recognize the State of Palestine.

If the State of Palestine is officially established will that finally bring peace to the Middle East?


There will always be a reason to continue the battle as long as the Jewish State of Israel exists. First of all, Israel will never cede Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

Hamas continues to say that they will never recognize Israel no matter what –that establishing the State of Palestine is just the first step. But for them the battle will go on until all of Israel is conquered and becomes part of Palestine. Hezbollah has said the same thing, and so has Iran and Syria.

So is peace in the Middle East even possible?

Probably not, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. At least make the situation better than it is. Nevertheless, our hopes for peace need to be tempered by reality.

Is peace even possible In the current Islamist environment? Definitely not.

Some of the important players say that peace will never happen until the Jewish State of Israel is utterly destroyed and a new Muslim Caliphate rises up to dominate the region once more.             *Top    

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