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-New York Times: Evangelical Christians-No, Muslim Sharia Law-Yes?

by Dr. D ~ September 4th, 2011

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Last week NY Times’ editor, Bill Keller wrote an op-ed piece arguing that GOP presidential candidates should be asked tough questions about their faith

He was particularly concerned about evangelical ‘dominionism’ and about evangelical Christian politicians possibly supporting some kind of theocracy. Forget the fact that none of the GOP candidates have ever inferred such a goal in any way in the present or in the past.

Keller was saying that their religious opinions were possibly dangerous and should be vetted and the candidates should be required to answer whether they would support their religious convicts over the Constitution:

"fealty to the Bible, the Book of Mormon . . . or some other authority higher than the Constitution and laws of this country."

Keller says that he remembers the 1960 campaign when some folks questioned  whether John F. Kennedy as a Roman Catholic president would recognize the authority of the Pope over the Constitution. Then he goes ahead and asks similar questions about evangelicals? That’s wrong but this is OK?

Forget the fact that many evangelical Christians and serious Bible believers have served as Presidents in the past without creating a theocracy.

Nevertheless, Keller, The NY Times, and many other liberal tomes have gone crazy during this election cycle flogging the supposed radical Mormons and ‘dominionist’ leaning Evangelicals running for President this time around.


Sharia Law

Now comes an op-ed this week in the New York Times actually supporting Muslim sharia law: “Don’t Fear Islamic Law in America

The writer, Eliyahu Stern, makes the case that Sharia is nothing more than the equivalent to Jewish Kosher laws and gives us a history of how Jews and Jewish law suffered discrimination over the years.

I am sorry, it is not the same.

Some of it is equivalent but sharia goes way beyond. The writer of this piece never identifies what Sharia actually is and what really bothers folks about it:

This editorial depends entirely on an analogy of Sharia Law to Jewish laws, without ever addressing a single tenet of the former system of laws. The author doesn’t even take the usual time to dismiss concerns about a woman’s testimony being half that of a man (Qur’an 2:282). The double standards in women’s ability to get out of a marriage. The Qur’an’s endorsement of wife-beating (4:34, which really does say to hit one’s wife). The death penalty for apostasy. The subjugation of non-Muslims. The inability to propagate non-Islamic religions. And so on.

When Americans oppose Sharia it isn’t about Halal, private prayers and individual religious practices. That part of sharia shouldn’t bother anyone and should be protected by the Constitution in this country. It’s all about civil rights, women’s rights, religious discrimination, and double standards.

It is a question of whether we are going to tolerate two separate legal systems in America. Will Muslim women and children be treated different under the law than others?

Response: So there you Have it. The NY Times in one piece says no to evangelical Christians and casts them as a danger to the Constitution and yes to Islamic Sharia law in another as no danger at all?

Forget the fact that evangelical Christians are among the strongest supporters of the ‘freedom of religion’ and the Constitution in this country.

Also, ignore that Islamic Sharia law in its fullness opposes ‘freedom of religion’ and equal treatment for all under the law. All you have to do is take a look at the jurisprudence of any Muslim dominated country where Sharia is in effect to see the inherent problems.            *Top

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  5. Craig

    How about christians trying to prevent same sex marriages and abortion… Same thing, different names.

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