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-Recent Attacks on Christians Around the World

by Dr. D ~ September 1st, 2011

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      (Image by IronRodArt – Royce Bair via Flickr)

In America and in the West we live in peace and all religions are tolerated. However there are places in the world where Christians are constantly subjected to persecution, particularly in Muslim dominated areas.

At least once a month I try to post about the persecution of Christians round the world just to remind all of us comfortable Christians in the West that we should be praying for our Christian brothers and sisters around the world. Here’s just a few of the more serious persecution stories that I found this morning. All of them within the last month:


-Nigeria:  24 Christians Killed

The worse case recently is in Nigeria where Christian villages were attacked by Muslim extremists and resulted in the deaths of at least 24 men, women, and children.

Nigeria is a religiously divided country with Muslims dominating in the North and Christians in the South. The federal army is supposed to protect the citizens from extremist militia but in this case it appears that some Muslim members of the Nigerian army actually participated in the slaughter:

Nigerian Army Said to Help in Slaughter of Christians

Also it appears that extremist Muslims from Niger may have also participated in at least one of the attacks upon a Christian village:

Muslim Extremists from Niger Help Kill Christians in Nigeria


-Pakistan:  Two Christians that Refuse to Convert are Beaten

Pakistan is one of the worse countries for persecution of minority religions, particularly Christians. It would be easy to find and post at least one example of the persecution of Pakistani Christians every week. Here is merely the most recent. Two young Christian men were beaten by Muslim extremists for refusing to convert to Islam. They were told to convert or “be prepared to die”:

Two Pakistani Christians Seriously Injured for Refusing Islam


-Bangladesh:  Church Leaders Beaten in Police Station

Here’s a case where two church leaders went to a police station to lodge a complaint against Muslim extremists who had kicked the Christians out of their home and took possession of the property. The Christians ended up being beaten by the police instead:

Church Leaders in Bangladesh Beaten at Police Station


Egypt:  A Coptic Christian Killed in Attack on Village

Following an argument between a Muslim and Christian, a mob of Muslim extremists attacked a Coptic Christian village burning at least 8 homes and killing one Christian:

Coptic Christian Killed in Attack on Village in Upper Egypt


Response: Literally you can find stories like this every week and these are just the more serious examples of persecution. Please take sometime today and remember our brothers and sisters around the world in your prayers.

Not only pray for the Christians in Muslim dominated countries, but also for those in places like China and North Korea where they are consistently subjected to serious persecution.            *Top

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  5. ajay jasperp

    why to keep quiet ,,, CHRIST itself says don’t be fools.. (being a fool is also a sin),, lets fight back not to fight but to show we have the courage but , we don’t fight back cause god says to forgive…. SO lets a take a decision … to fight for god and live for god..
    don’t forget a;; the reason is the devil let expunge him first and then we can take care of the mortal…
    if you want help seek from god .. cause god says(matthew 7(full))..so whatever we ask in god we get it

  6. Santha Kumar

    Very good site

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