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-VP Biden Supports China’s Gendercide?

by Dr. D ~ August 26th, 2011

Joe Biden und Barack Obama in Springfield, Ill...

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Does VP Biden really support China’s forced ‘one-child’ policy? In a speech during his visit to China, Biden made the following remarks:

“Your policy has been one which I fully understand — I’m not second-guessing — of one child per family.”

Maybe the VP doesn’t fully realize that the ‘one-child’ policy has resulted in hundreds of millions of abortions and has actually degenerated into gendercide. Since most Chinese families want a son to carry on their name, girl babies have been aborted at an exponential rate.

House Speaker John Boehner denounced Biden’s comments which seemed to have  condoned China’s controversial policy:

“I’m deeply troubled by the comments reportedly made by the vice president yesterday regarding China’s reprehensible one-child policy, which has resulted in forced sterilizations and coerced abortions and should not be condoned by any American official. No government on Earth has the authority to place quotas on the value of innocent human life, or to treat life as an economic commodity that can be regulated and taken away on a whim by the state.”

Response: Was the VP just being polite like administration PR folks have tried to indicate? Probably that explains the VP’s motivation. Also, Biden spokeswoman Kendra Barkoff sought Tuesday to minimize the damage with the following:

“The vice president believes [China’s coercive birth limitation policies] practices are repugnant.”

Maybe. Yet we haven’t heard directly from the VP himself on this controversy.

However, it should be noted that Biden is pro-choice and part of a radical ‘pro-abort’ administration. Maybe 400 hundred million or so aborted babies does not really affect their sensibilities all that much. Nevertheless, forced abortions and sterilizations are unconscionable and should be an issue –especially for folks who claim to support freedom and woman’s rights. Mr. VP Biden should definitely be “second-guessing” that policy after all.           *Top

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