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-Scary: A Plausible Strategy for the Destruction of Israel?

by Dr. D ~ August 11th, 2011

On Sunday in a television interview, MP Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Walid Sakariya, a senior Hezbollah official, presented plans of a plausible strategy for destroying Israel. See the video above. Here’s part of the transcript provided by IMRA:

"Iran is the country most hostile to
Israel, but Iraq serves as a buffer between Iran and the Palestine front –
from the days of Saddam Hussein and until the U.S. military presence in
Iraq. Iran supports the forces of confrontation: Hamas, Hizbullah, and

"If, following the U.S. withdrawal, Iraq becomes a bridge linking Iran to
Syria, the Iranian forces could cross Iraq and arrive in Syria, in order to
participate in a direct war on the Golan front

"In that case, Israel would not be fighting Hizbullah alone. It would be
fighting Hizbullah, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. This is the so-called ‘Shiite
Crescent’ that they fear. Since Iran dominates this [axis], the Arab
countries refer to it as the ‘Shiite Crescent.’

"If Hizbullah has 5,000 missiles and can destroy some targets in Israel, the
equation will completely change when Syria and Iran join the war. You will
have the strategic superiority and a force large enough to pulverize Israel,
even if this war costs you hundreds of thousands of martyrs – not just 1,000
or 2,000. You will enter this war with a population mass exceeding 100
million. […]

"… Hizbullah, Syria, Iraq, and Iran will constitute a force that is
militarily superior to Israel and will destroy it. They will wage a war and
might even suffer hundreds of thousands of martyrs – because Israel might
use the nuclear weapon in order to survive – but nevertheless, this war will
put an end to Israel." […]

Response: Those of us in America really do not understand the kind of hatred there must be in the Middle East. Here is a retired general, probably a grandfather, talking about the destruction of an entire nation on TV like it’s a pregame football show for the home team. He casually talks about losing several hundreds of thousands in the process like it would be a good thing? What about the millions of Israeli Jews? I guess he is proposing a second holocaust and seems happy about the possibility.

This plan calls for the armies of Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Hizbullah to attack Israel from the north. Similar to Gog and Magog (Ezek.38-39) with only half of the countries named in that Biblical scenario. Fortunately God saves Israel even against the greater armies assembled for that event.

Nevertheless, this is a scary proposition but at least it’s not possible as long as the USA has 10’s of thousands of troops in Iraq.

However, the Obama administration plans to pull the US troops out of Iraq as soon as next year. Also, the dirty little secret that you will find no where in the press, is that the current leaders of Iraq are sympathetic to Iran and could well become part of the Iranian sphere of influence in the Middle East once the Americans are gone.

I really do wonder if the Obama administration is paying any attention to this possibility. Probably not.

You can be sure that Middle Eastern leaders like those in Iran are observing the political process in the USA leading up to the presidential election of 2012. The Iranians could well decide that 2012 is their best chance to defeat Israel while Obama, who is not a friend of Israel, is still in power.

Also the Iranians are hoping to have a nuclear weapon of their own sometime in 2012 which would change the whole balance of power in the region and make it unlikely and  far more costly for the Americans to support the Israelis in the event of an all out war. 

The economic troubles we are facing now look bad indeed but even more scary possibilities seem to be on the horizon in 2012!          *Top

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