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-Poll: American Muslims Loyal to U.S.

by Dr. D ~ August 4th, 2011

Islam in the United States

(Faces of Islam in America via Wikipedia)

On Tuesday, a new Gallup poll was released that showed the vast majority of Muslim Americans say they are loyal to the United States.

The research also found that they were overwhelmingly optimistic about their future even though most of them had experienced some form of discrimination in this country.

Also, 90% of Muslim Americans said that their group in the USA had no sympathy for al Qaeda.

The study also found that the majority of Muslim Americans:

-66% of American Muslims identify with the United States about as strongly as with their religion.

-Had confidence in the fairness of elections

-60% had confidence in the F.B.I.

-Believe the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan a mistake

-70% support the military in spite of the wars

-48% experienced religious or racial discrimination in the last year

Response: This is actually good news for a change. American Muslims are far more moderate and loyal than one would suppose. The bad news is that nearly half say they have recently been subjected to some form of discrimination based upon their race or religion. This is unfortunate.

The radicals that end up as jihadis are still a small minority compared to the couple of million or so American Muslims that are happy to be in the USA in spite of occasional discrimination.

All we ever hear about is the radicals causing trouble and not about our loyal Muslim neighbors quietly going to work and back and seeking the American dream for their families like everyone else. This is what ‘freedom of religion’ is all about and why America is still among the greatest countries on earth.            *Top

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