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-Iranian General: “We Have No Option but to Destroy Israel”

by Dr. D ~ July 26th, 2011


This was Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi reaction to the recent assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Dariush Rezaiinejad:

The main plot for this criminal act was conceived by the American government, and since it is scared of the reaction by the Muslim world due to the uprisings in the region, it had the Zionist regime commit the heinous act.

In order to protect the security of our country, we have no option but to have the Zionist regime (Israel) wiped off the map.

The slain scientist was responsible for an important part of the Iranian nuclear bomb and missile  program.

Response: The reaction within Iran has been rather radical but none any more plain scary than General Naghdi’s.

It is obvious to most international observers that Iran is intent on developing nuclear weapons but not only that, last week came the story that the Iranians were working with North Korea to develop a missile delivery system that would make it possible for them to carry out their nuclear threats against Israel and eventually even the USA.

Meanwhile the Obama administration is intent on trying to verbally negotiate with the Iranian regime. The approach of this President is not making the world safer nor is it making America more popular. On the contrary, the United States under the current administration is losing respect and looking weaker all the time.

Rather than challenging the Iranian regime, Pres. Obama is leaving the problem to the Israelis to take care of. No doubt when they do take the necessary action, this president will be critical rather than supportive. As much as that does not make any sense- you can count on it!              *Top

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