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-Messianic Jews Harassed and Persecuted in Israel?

by Dr. D ~ July 7th, 2011

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This is one of those continuing stories that get dismissed by not only the main stream media but also by Christian news outlets. 

The fact is Ultra-Orthodox Jewish groups in Israel make a practice of harassing Messianic Christians in Israel.

Here is one story of Christian visitors to Israel being chased and subjected to harassment by an ultra-orthodox group: Persecuted Christian Recounts Holy Land Drama

Even more telling is this related account from Compass Direct of a Messianic Jewish couple who actually are citizens in Israel continuing to be persecuted and their house picketed by ultra-orthodox Jews. The couple had been accused of trying to convert a minor but was found innocent by a court. Nevertheless nearly unbearable direct harassment continues.

Response: First of all we continue to be staunch supporters of Israel. However,  even though there is freedom of religion in that country there are restrictions against proselyting minors and a general distaste for Christian missionaries and particularly Messianic Jews.

Also, we have read numerous articles about ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel assailing visiting Christian groups and particularly Messianic and Palestinian Christians. The authorities are somewhat sympathetic to these hard-line Jews and very slow to act against them even when some of their actions are over-the-top.

It should be noted however, that tourists to Israel are seldom bothered by ultra Jewish activists unless one is visiting in their neighborhoods.             *Top

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