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-Wired Pastor Says We Need to ‘Unplug’ for the Family

by Dr. D ~ July 1st, 2011


Here’s a great article by Craig Groeschel  who is the founder and senior pastor of LifeChurch.tv an online ministry:

My Take: Wired pastor says unplug

Pastor Craig who is all about technology made a decision along with his wife Amy to ‘unplug’ their family 4 days a week. Here’s why:

“One day when I came home from the office a couple of years ago, …I had switched out of “work mode” and into “family mode,” prepared to give my undivided attention to my wife and our six kids for the evening. …

I started looking around for everybody, and what I discovered was a series of tiny islands, each person immersed in their own little world. My wife Amy was on her laptop writing curriculum for a Bible study. One daughter was listening to her iPod as she surfed Facebook, and another was checking e-mail. Two kids were playing Club Penguin and Webkinz — on separate computers. At least the last two I found were together, although they were playing Wii, so they were both transfixed on the screen.

In our culture, there is nothing unusual about this scenario. It plays out this same way in countless homes every evening. But this episode brought it home for me: Although I was comfortable that everyone in our family loved each other, I realized we were gradually allowing the flicker of little screens to draw us away, running the risk of ultimately becoming isolated from one another.

That night, Amy and I had a long talk that led to what would become a controversial decision: We limited technology use in our home to just three days a week. That meant that for four days, there would be no television, no iPods, no Facebooking, …”

Sounds a whole lot like our family. It wasn’t an easy choice for them obviously and it was hard at first I am sure. However it has turned out to be better for their family life and their relationships together and with their children.

A great example for the rest of us to consider.

Presently we have one family night a week when we pray together and then play board games or cards for the remainder of the evening. The grandkids living with me now actually look forward to it and it has been a blessing for our entire family.            *Top

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