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-Rally To Rebuild ‘Ground Zero’ Church

by Dr. D ~ June 28th, 2011

NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 19:  People stand in front...

(Getty Images via @daylife)

Yes, ‘Ground Zero’ Church!  Most folks are unaware that a church across the street from the World Trade Center was also destroyed on 9/11/01.

Many have heard about the ‘Ground Zero’ mosque being built several blocks away but St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was actually at ‘Ground Zero’ and had been that location since 1916.

Meanwhile attempts to rebuild the church have been blocked by the New York Port Authority.

On Sunday (June 26) church members and  supporters rallied with cries of “Rebuild now! Rebuild Now!” Church leaders are hoping to pressure the New York officials into resuming negotiations to rebuild the church.

The Port authority would like to move the church and use its land for a parking structure. The church refuses to go along with the planned move and the Port Authority refuses to let them rebuild on their own land. So a political impasse has blocked the rebuilding of the church for nearly 10 years.

Nicholas A. Karacostas, supreme president of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association, attended the rally and had this to say:

“Shame on the Port Authority to take this long to rebuild our church. It’s a crime, it’s a crime for us to beg them to rebuild the church in its rightful place.”

The pastor of the church, Father John Romas indicted that their efforts to rebuild continued to be frustrated and they were hoping for a resolution:

“Let us hope our prayers will be answered.”

Speakers at the rally voiced their frustrations with New York political leaders like Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg who has championed the cause of the controversial Muslim mosque and cultural center near Ground Zero, but has given no help at all to St. Nicholas in their rebuilding efforts.

Response: This is an on-going travesty that we’ve posted on before.

While New York officials have gone out of their way to help finance and cut through tons of  ‘red tape’  and opposition for the controversial so-called ‘Ground Zero’ mosque to be built several blocks away, a church that was actually destroyed on 9/11 gets no help at all?

In fact New York officials block the way instead and make convenient church-state excuses which don’t seem to apply to the mosque?   How does this make any sense?           *Top

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