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-NY Catholic Bishop Speaks Out Against Gay Marriage

by Dr. D ~ June 27th, 2011

NEW YORK - APRIL 15:  While his brother Bob Do...

(Getty Images via @daylife)

The NY State legislature passed it and Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the bill allowing same-sex marriage in New York on Friday. However, nothing has changed from the Catholic perspective as Archbishop Timothy Dolan, the state’s top Catholic leader in the state called gay marriage:

“detrimental to the common good” and a violation of “natural law.”

Dolan reaffirmed on Sunday the position of the Catholic Church on marriage in comments to reporters following services at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

“We as Catholics would oppose any attempt by anybody to redefine marriage, whether that … whomever that may be. We just don’t believe that marriage can be changed and radically altered to accommodate a particular lifestyle.”

Meanwhile everyone is saying that the NY vote is the beginning of the end of traditional marriage in America that eventually all of the states will now follow suit and legalize homosexual marriage.

Response: Regardless of the NY vote or any other, for Christians following and respecting the Bible, marriage will always be defined as between a man and a woman. Churches will not be changing their theology or understanding based upon any vote anywhere.

The concern among conservative Christians in America is whether the !st amendment will continue to protect them from persecution and charges of discrimination. Already changes are being called for by activists when it comes to allied ministries like religious schools, adoption and relief ministries.

Will America continue in the future to be a bastion of religious freedom for churches who refuse to acknowledge and participate in same –sex marriages?             *Top

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