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-Egypt: Christians Still Do Not Get Any Justice

by Dr. D ~ June 21st, 2011

An Afrikaans map of Egypt.

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Under the new military regime, Christians (Copts) in Egypt still do not get equal justice and it may even be worse since the overthrow of Mubarak.

Here’s one story where Muslims attacked Christians who defended themselves but it was only the Christians who were arrested and some even received a 5 year prison sentence for possession of weapons:

Egyptian Military Court Prosecutes Only Christians in Muslim Church Attacks

Defense lawyer Abraham Edward said “This is a very unjust, severe and cruel verdict.” He said that as lawyers they are unable to fathom what is going on. “Today’s case is very strange, a case where there is not one shred of evidence to indict them. If this case went in front of the International Court of Justice they would all be set free.” He criticized the five-year prison sentence handed down to Ayad Emad Ayad for carrying a pocket knife. According to the law this is punishable by a six months suspended sentence.

Here’s another similar case where Christians were trying to worship in an unauthorized warehouse and were attacked by Muslims but only Christians were arrested and received a prison sentence:

Egypt sentences Copts over church scuffle

An Egyptian military court on Sunday sentenced two Coptic Christians to five years in jail for violence and trying to turn a factory into an unlicensed church, judicial sources said.

The two men, also convicted of possessing weapons, were arrested on May 18 after clashes between Christians and Muslims in Cairo’s Ain Shams district as the Copts planned to hold prayers in the building.

Here’s a third story about Eritrean Christian refugees receiving persecution under the hands of the new Egyptian regime. For years, Eritreans escaped torture and violence in their own country for the safety of Egypt. Now in Egypt they’re being subjected to torture, rape, and violence under the new regime:

Eritrean Christians facing ‘unimaginable suffering’ in Egypt Hat tip: Right Side News

Response: The Western press keeps telling us that the new military regime is all about holding things together for a better and more democratic future. Meanwhile, Christians are facing even more problems than they did under Mubarak.

Now the Muslim Brotherhood has become an official party in Egypt and Islamic radicalism is on the rise with continuing attacks upon the Christian community.

What is really disconcerting is that when Muslims attack and Christian Copts defend their homes and churches, it is the Christians that are arrested and sentenced to prison. Meanwhile the current authorities let the Muslim perpetrators go free. Obviously, Christians do not receive equal justice in Egypt and it is only getting worse under the new regime.

The stories above are just 3 examples –I have literally read dozens like them in the last couple of months.             *Top

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