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-Omaha: Christian Ministers to Apologize to Gays

by Dr. D ~ June 14th, 2011

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge connects the ...

                               (Bob Kerrey Bridge via Wikipedia)

Omaha,NE: Omaha-area Christian ministers plan to reach out and apologize to the gay community by official proclamation on Wednesday.

The Rev. Eric Elnes, minister at Countryside Community Church, said the proclamation was created because many mainline Christian leaders like himself:

“were just fed up with the popular notion that the Christian point of view is anti-gay.”

He claimed that more than 100 ordained Christian ministers had signed the document calling for:

an end to religious and civil discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The ministers, which include leaders from Lutheran, Episcopalian, United Church of Christ, Methodist and Presbyterian churches, will publicly unveil the proclamation Wednesday evening at the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge in Omaha.

Response: It is unfortunate that Christians are perceived to be ‘against’ Gay and LGBT folk. Christians should be seen as extending God’s love to everyone. All Christians should be able to agree that civil discrimination against Gays should be eliminated. However, most Biblical Christians will draw a line when it comes to marriage.

To proclaim an end to ‘religious’ discrimination however, is tantamount to ignoring Biblical teaching and allowing LGBT folks to become ministers and leaders in the church. The Gospel is for everyone but there are Biblical prescriptions when it comes to Christian leadership. Everyone should be welcome in Christian churches but not everyone is Biblically qualified to lead and minister.

I note that the denominations mentioned in the article are all mainline churches which have substantially decided to ignore Biblical leadership standards. This proclamation actually accents the growing divide between mainline liberal churches and more conservative Evangelical churches which continue to adhere to Biblical teachings and standards.            *Top

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