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-Pope Calls for End to Gypsy Persecution

by Dr. D ~ June 13th, 2011

AMMAN, JORDAN - MAY 09:  Pope Benedict XVI vis...

( Getty Images via @daylife)

On Saturday, Pope Benedict XVI Received and listened to approximately 2,000 Catholic Gypsies recount their way of life at the Vatican on Saturday. In conclusion, the Pope condemned the persecution by the Nazis during World War II and the continuing rejection of the Roma people:

"Your history is complex, and, in some periods, painful,"  "You are a people who over the past centuries never held nationalistic ideologies, never aspired to possess a land or dominate other peoples. You have remained without a homeland and have ideally considered the entire (European) continent as your home."

(He lamented that for centuries they have known) "the bitter taste of not being welcome."

Pope Benedict called for the European governments to reach out and help the Roma (Gypsy) communities to become a regular part of the countries in which they reside and "to take action to accompany (them) on this path" toward a better life .

Response: For years the Roma people roamed throughout Europe with very little regular community or national ties. In this generation they are trying to settle down and make a normal life for their people. In this case Roma representative were seeking the help of the Pope in their cause.

Meanwhile, some European officials including the current mayor of Rome continue to try and eliminate the current Gypsy shanty town and trailer communities that lie on the outskirts of many large cities in Europe.

One of the more interesting recent developments among the Roma people is a new ‘Pentecostal’ revival currently sweeping through many of their communities and leaving many gypsies changed in the process as they become dedicated Christians.            *Top

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