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-Pakistan: Political Party Wants The Bible Banned

by Dr. D ~ June 10th, 2011

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Islamabad, Pakistan: A radical Pakistani political party, the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam,  on Friday called for a ban on the Bible in Pakistan.

Maulana Abdur Raoof Farooqi, a leader in the party claimed that the Bible:

“contains blasphemous passages that are a cause of humiliation for Muslims”.

Farooqi said that his party wants the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice and action on the issue within 30 days. If not, then they would present the issue to a Federal Shariah Court for action instead.

Response: The fact that an organized political group in Pakistan is calling for the Bible to be banned is disturbing. It shows that at least some Pakistani’s have little regard for the freedom of religion and religious minorities in their country.

A week doesn’t go by lately where I don’t read one or two stories about Christians or churches being persecuted, discriminated against, or assailed in that country.

While I doubt that the Supreme Court of Pakistan will over-ride their own constitution and actually ban the Bible, there are many Pakistani Muslims that would support that action and who knows how some ‘Federal Shariah Court’ might rule on the issue.

One thing for sure, Pakistan is increasingly being dominated by radical Islamists. Since it was revealed that Osama Bin Laden lived for over 5 years in the country without anyone turning him in or without the government taking any kind of action, one is left to wonder how many radicals are actually in positions of authority within the government and the military?

Meanwhile the USA sends $Billions in aid to this supposed ally? One also wonders how long Pakistani Christians will be allowed to worship and exist openly in their own country.            *Top

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