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-Mormon in the White House? Evangelicals Vs. Mormons Controversy Heats Up

by Dr. D ~ June 9th, 2011

WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 21:  Former Massachuset...

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With two Mormons (Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) running for President in 2012, a controversy has risen its ugly head again over whether Evangelical Christians should vote for or support a LDS for the highest office in the land.

Last time through (2008) the battle centered around supporters of Gov. Mitt Romney -a Mormon and Gov. Mike Huckabee -a former Southern Baptist pastor. There was a great deal of animosity and ignorance displayed in the process and by the candidates themselves.

Now with two viable LDS in the race, Gov. Romney and Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, the controversy is already in full swing. A recent poll of Evangelical Christians showed that at least 34% said that they would not vote for a Mormon running for President. Then there was a recent article by Warren Cole Smith (an evangelical journalist) on Patheos why he would not support Mitt Romney, a Mormon, for president.

Smith said that he could not support any Mormon, regardless of qualifications for office, because their religion is “demonstrably false”, and their understanding of continuing revelation could create a situation where  a Mormon president might “believe one thing today and another thing tomorrow.” Plus the election of a Mormon to the highest office in the land would bring Mormonism into the mainstream and give it a popular/cultural boost.

All of this is very important for a Republican candidate since evangelicals overwhelmingly give support to the Republican Party and interestingly so do a majority of the LDS (Mormons).

On Tuesday (6/7)  Michael Otterson, head of public affairs for the LDS church, released an open letter to Warren Cole Smith challenging Smith’s views saying they were:

“unreasonable, un-Christian and untrue to American ideals.”

“I admit, I’m struggling just a tad with your logic that the very fact of being a Mormon disqualifies a person from high public office.”

“That would be news to Senator Orrin Hatch, who has served his country and constituents for 34 years. And to Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader – one of the most powerful positions in government.”

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