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-Want to Help the Economy? Get Married and Stay Married

by Dr. D ~ June 2nd, 2011

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New research shows that Marriage plays a major role in the well-being of the American economy.

The Family Research Council’s Marriage and Religion Research Institute released new findings that indicate stable married-couples economically outperform other family types, including: remarried families, divorced families, single-parent families, and cohabiting families.

Basically the stats show that stable married families face less economic difficulties in the areas of employment, income, net value, and net worth. Also, they are less likely to be in poverty or to be receiving some kind of government assistance like welfare.

Divorced families on the other hand experience a sharp decline in income following separation. Divorced women are affected the most and are far more likely (2.83 times) to be living in poverty than women who remain married.

According to Pat Fagan, Ph.D (MARRI Director), couples that remain stably married can provide a better environment for raising children with less dependency upon government programs:

“This research clearly documents why marriage is an important and fundamental part of society."

"Divorce has torn our nation apart, and led to the bloated government systems we can no longer afford. We cannot solve our nation’s fiscal woes until we address the breakdown of the family. If the government pledged to reduce family breakdown by just one percent, taxpayers would save around $1.1 billion dollars each year.”

Response: This is precisely why I was happy to see research a week or so ago that showed that marriages were lasting longer with less divorce in America. For whatever reason this is real progress and that it positively affects the economy is just frosting on the cake.

The best part are the affects on the raising of children. The research also shows that the next generation does better coming out of two parent homes rather than any of the alternatives.             *Top

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