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-Ahmadinejad Expects 12th Imam on June 5

by Dr. D ~ May 25th, 2011


                        (Image by SS&SS via Flickr)

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad and his closest supporters are expecting the Shia 12th Imam to arrive secretly in Medina, Saudi Arabia  on June 5.

Since Ahmadinejad believes that the emergence  of the 12th Imam is about to happen, he has been acting lately like he no longer needs to obey the Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s present Supreme Leader, since he will soon be taking his orders directly from the Mahdi himself.

This has caused a major crisis between the clergy lead by Khamenei and President Ahmadinejad’s political group now called “Mahdi’s Emergence Movement”. The Supreme leader has responded by having over 25 of Ahmadinejad’s closest associates arrested. The supporters of Khamenei are referring to Ahmadinejad’s group as “The Deviant Movement”.

In the mean time, Ahmadinejad is in waiting mode expecting the 12th Imam Mahdi to appear on June 5th and begin setting things in order including replacing the Ayatollah Khamenei entirely:

“At the time of the covert emergence (of the 12th Imam), his regent (i.e., the supreme leader) will be deposed from his position.”

Response: Division between the leaders of Iran? Couldn’t happen to better folks and at such a good time since the entire Middle East seems to be in upheaval. What is great about this is that we won’t have to wait long and maybe in the midst of all of the internal chaos the democracy movement might finally have a real chance to be successful and over throw these nut burgers.

However, the greatest danger is that someone will rise up pretending to be the expected Mahdi/12th Imam and begin putting together a new Islamic Caliphate in the midst of all of the confusion. People across all of the Middle East are looking for a new Islamic order to rise up from the ashes of this chaotic Spring.            *Top

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2 Responses to -Ahmadinejad Expects 12th Imam on June 5

  1. mohammad

    Unfortunately, your content is a lie
    i am in iran and Affirm that it is a lie

  2. Dr. D

    This post was written nearly a year ago and at the time there was considerable strife between your leaders and many of them expected the 12th Imam to show up soon and put everything in order.

    That did not happen so your guys were wrong. I was just reporting what your own leaders were saying at the time. It was not an intentional lie on their part but only a mistake. They are still looking for the 12th Imam to show. I happen to believe that the whole thing -the hope of your religious leaders- is bogus.

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