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-Bible Translators Now Working in Some of the Most Anti-Christian Nations

by Dr. D ~ May 23rd, 2011

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NETHERLANDS (BosNewsLife)– Translators of U.S.-based Wycliffe Associates have launched two Bible translation projects in countries where evangelism, or even reading a Bible, is forbidden.

Over the weekend, Wycliffe’s Chief Executive Officer Bruce Smith announced that his organization is launching two projects that are among the most difficult in Wycliffe’s history. At least one was reportedly in a Muslim country dominated country where Christianity is illegal and Christians face a great deal of persecution:

“The Gospel cannot be openly preached in these countries and the Bible can’t be read in public.”

“It’s not easy…We have to be careful . I find myself continually pleading with God for guidance in our efforts, and for protection for Bible translators, trainers, their families, and their support teams.”

“It may take up to 15 years before the Bible becomes available in the native language.”

Since the Bible has been translated into all of the major languages. Bible translators must now go to remote and politically unstable or dangerous areas to find people groups where the Bible has not yet been translated into the native languages or to countries where the Bible itself is illegal.

One prime example is Muslim dominated Saudi Arabia where it is illegal to have Bibles or for Christians to even pray or worship.

In order to properly understand a language and culture, Bible translators find it necessary to move into the country where they have a project and experience the people and culture themselves. This does put them and their families in considerable danger particularly where Christianity is outlawed.  Fortunately, modern technology including satellites and the Internet has made communications far better than it use to be and far less folks now have to move into indigenous cultures to complete the work locally.

Response: Over the weekend, we saw the failure of one ‘Christian’ group predicting the end of the world. One of the reasons that I immediately rejected their expectation was because the Christian Gospel had not as yet reached every people and nation in the world to date (Matthew 24:14). This is what the Wycliffe folks are working towards –an essential translation of the Bible into every language of the world.

The results of this group and others over the last 20 years have been incredible to say the least several thousand translations have been completed in that time.  There are an estimated 6,905 spoken languages in the world and about a third still do not have Scripture in their language. However at the current pace Bible groups believe that the task could be completed in 15 to 20 years at the most. What incredible times we are living in.            *Top

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