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-End of the World Recap

by Dr. D ~ May 21st, 2011

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Today while I was at my grandson’s little league game I over heard several parents talking about Camping’s unfortunate prediction of the end of days. They were laughing about it and were putting together plans for a ‘Rapture party’ tonight.

Then this evening I turned on the TV just in time for the 6 PM news. Guess what the top story of the night was on that network? Yep! The newscasters were yakking it up over the fact that the ‘end of the world’ deadline had passed. Meanwhile Camping and his group are silent as they should have been all along.

It is amazing to me how far and wide this story spread and how it actually entered into the ‘water cooler’ category –something that everyone is talking about in popular culture.

I hate it that the words: ‘Jesus’, ‘Bible’, ‘Rapture’, ‘Coming back’, ‘Judgment’, and ‘Christian’ are associated with this debacle. Not really laughing matter subjects as far as I am concerned. Think of all of the good stuff that has happened in the Christian community in the last several years that would have made a far better story to have received this kind of exposure.

It is time to pray for the folks that really took this serious and quit their jobs, sold their homes, and spent $thousands supporting Camping. They really need our prayers about now.            *Top

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