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-Scholar: China Notices Link Between Christianity and Economic Success?

by Dr. D ~ May 18th, 2011

Original image from CIA World Fact Book, 2004

                                          (Flag of China via Wikipedia)

The Chinese Communist authorities are all about controlling religion in their country particularly Christianity. They have noted the role that Christianity played in bringing down the Berlin Wall, Communist Poland,  and the Romanian despot and would like to avoid that outcome.

However, one scholar says that the rulers have also noticed a link between Christianity in the West, particularly in America, and economic success.

Dr. William Jeynes, senior fellow of The Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, N.J., in a presentation on Tuesday observed:

But while the Chinese government is open to Christianity, it also “wants to control Christianity.”

“They view Christianity as a belief system that if not controlled will potentially overthrow the government,” said Jeynes during his lecture titled, “God, China & Capitalism: Is Christianity in China the Key Ingredient for Economic Success?” “But on the other [hand], they see that if you try to oppress Christians that it could lead to this explosion as it did in Eastern Europe and [they could] lose control that way.

“So they want Christianity for the benefits but they want to control it, and that is the balance they are currently trying to achieve.”

According to Jeynes, the Chinese government observes that where Christianity is dominant there is economic prosperity and would like to duplicate the positive aspects that Christianity brings to the table without suffering the possible loss of control over their country.

Response: An interesting dilemma for the Chicoms. Christianity provided the culture that was the seed bed for modern science and capitalism and the rise of the West to dominate internationally. The goal of the Chinese authorities is to become the dominant nation in the world and are looking for anything that may help them along the way.  Apparently even religion which they tried to eliminate years ago but were unsuccessful.

At one point Madame Mao had proclaimed the death of Christianity in China but the underground house church movement flourished even under severe persecution and grew from 900,000 adherents in 1948 to where there are now way over 100 million Chinese Christians. Some claim that 1 billion is within reach in a decade or so at the present rate of growth. Very few of those belong to the government controlled churches and the authorities continue to persecute the larger unofficial house churches.             *Top

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