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-Egypt: Christians and Muslims March Together

by Dr. D ~ May 14th, 2011

Thousands of protesters, both Christian Copts and Muslims, marched together yesterday (Friday) in Tahrir Square in Cairo to promote unity between Egypt’s two major religious groups.


The Muslim and Coptic Christian protesters carried banners that said, “Egypt is for all Egyptians” and joined together chanting:

“Muslims and Copts are one hand”

They also carried banners that read:

“Egypt is for all Egyptians”

The demonstration began with a Christian Mass followed by Muslim Friday prayers. Muslim Cleric Mazhar Shahin delivered the Friday prayer speech and warned fellow Egyptians, both Christian and Muslim, to not let the extremists divide their nation:

“Such strife is intended by a group of people who are neither Muslims nor Christians”

The cleric further proclaimed that neither Islam or Christianity teach hatred or incitement of violence.

The march is a reaction to the attacks last week on Coptic Christians by radical Islamists and the burning of a Coptic church resulting in the deaths of at least a dozen and the injury of more than 200 people. Western news reports referred to the attack as a ‘sectarian clash’ even though it was instigated by a radical Muslim mob.

Coptic church leaders responded by asking for additional security from the Egyptian government and for help from the International community. Some are pushing for greater constitutional guarantees that would secure equal citizenship rights for adherents of all religions in Egypt.

Meanwhile in a another part of Cairo several thousand Coptic Christians continued a sit-in that began last Sunday calling for the immediate capture, trial, and conviction of the Muslim extremists who were responsible for last week’s violent attack.

Egyptian leaders responded with promises to draft laws that would discourage violence and persecution against minority religionists in the future.  Authorities also claimed to have detained more than 200 suspects in connection with last week’s attack on the Coptic Christian community.

However, many in the Christian Coptic community have doubts that the government will actually follow through with anything close to justice in this case. There have been dozens of similar attacks against the Coptic Christians in the last 12 months and very few Muslims have ever been tried and convicted for any of those crimes.

Response: Christian and Muslims marching together in Egypt is a wonderful development. One that is rarely seen if ever in the Middle East.

Most of the time the Christian minority is allowed to suffer violence from radical Muslims without a word from the supposed moderate Muslim majority.  Hopefully this marks the beginning of regular Egyptians trying to take back their nation from the radical extremists.            *Top

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