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-Nigeria: Islamists Attack Christian Village killing 16, Mostly Women and Children

by Dr. D ~ May 12th, 2011

Map of Nigeria

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Nigeria: On May 4th, Muslim extremists attacked Kurum village, in the Bogoro area of Bauchi state. The Islamists burned homes and ended up killing 16 Christians including one man, three women, and 12 children.

Compass Direct gives this chilling account of the death of Pastor James Musa Rike’s wife and 13 year old daughter:

As she lay on the ground after being shot and then slashed with a machete, Dune James Rike looked into her husband’s tear-filled eyes and asked, “Is this the end between us, so we shall not be together again?”

Pastor James Musa Rike told Compass he held the hands of his dying, 35-year-old wife and told her, “Hold on to your faith in Jesus, and we shall meet and never part again.”

“I rushed to my daughter, only to discover that she too was cut with a machete on her stomach, and her intestines were all around her,” he said. “I held her hand and began to pray, knowing she too was about to die. She told me that the Muslim militants told her they would kill her and “see how your Jesus will save you.”

The girl told her father that she responded by telling them that Jesus had already saved her, and that by killing her they would only be making it possible for her to be with Him. Pastor Rike prayed for her as she died.

Response: Wow, what an account.

Violent attacks on Christians in Nigeria, particularly in the North, happen all of the time. I could literally post one or two stories like this a week from Nigeria alone.

The Western press even handedly styles it as ‘sectarian strife’ between Muslims and Christians since Christians many times do fight back when their villages are attacked and do end up killing some Muslims.

However, if you follow the stories and read all of the accounts, most of the time the violence starts with Muslim extremists attacking and killing Christians including innocent women and children like in this case.

The population of Nigeria is almost evenly divided between Christians with 51.3 percent of the population living mainly in the south, and Muslims who make up roughly 45 percent of the population mostly in the north. Unfortunately the Muslims and Christians continue to be divided both religiously and politically with no end in sight.            *Top

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