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-Talk About a 2012 ‘October Surprise’–See It in a Theater Near You

by Dr. D ~ May 4th, 2011


They say that a picture is worth a 1,000 words well how about a whole movie? As the dust is settling on the death of Osama bin Laden, the political calculations on how this will affect the presidential election in 2012 are already in play.

Some political pundits are already proclaiming Barack Obama as a shoe-in for a 2nd term. Others are saying, wait a minute – ‘look at the economy stupid’-it is the worst since the great depression and a ‘misery index’ could quite easily be placed at Obama’s feet for his part in the continuing recession.

Here is my take on the matter and remember that you heard it first here. Barack Obama has umpteen supporters in Hollywood and you can bet that they are already falling over themselves to get the exclusive movie rights for the bin Laden take-down story. Some are already sketching out a script and others are thinking over how to cast the new epic.

For their part in the 2012 election Hollywood is going to have a double-barrel shotgun. Probably in January or February the made-for-TV movie will come out and set new records for a 3 day mini-series. Then along about October the real deal will start to play in a theater near you.

Picture a representation of President Obama with his security team directing the whole operation to take down Osama bin Laden from the safety of the White House. It will be high historical drama mixed with lots of fantasy but Obama will be the star of the whole show.

How many votes do you figure that one will be worth? Talk about the ultimate ‘October surprise’.              *Top

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