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-Students Sue NY School District for Rejecting Christian Club

by Dr. D ~ May 3rd, 2011

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The Frontline Club a Christian student group has sued the Hicksville Union Free School District Board of Education over being denied official recognition because the club is Christian in nature. Without official recognition, FLC is not allowed to hold meetings on campus, or make announcements and post its flyers.

The Hicksville High School Principal Brijinder Sing acknowledged that many schools allow for equal access for Christian clubs but she didn’t want it at her school:

"Other schools may have a [Christian club], but I don’t want this in my school."

The principle said that her decision was based upon monetary factors that the cost in providing for the student group would be "prohibitive at this economically stringent time."

David Cortman, the Alliance Defense Fund attorney leading the lawsuit noted that the school had 35 student groups that they were already supporting in this ‘stringent time’:

"It’s ridiculous that Hicksville High School says it has no budget for a Christian club but somehow has enough for a ping pong club."

The two students in the case had requested recognition for their club in October 2010. They had 12 students signed up and a teacher willing to serve as the club’s adviser.

As noted by the ADF attorney, equal access has been affirmed for religious student groups in the past by the US Supreme court:

"Public schools cannot ban Christian student clubs simply because they are religious," he said. "Students have a constitutionally-protected right to express their beliefs."

Response: It is once thing when school administrators ignorantly decide to prohibit Christian groups. After the ADF or some similar law group gets involved usually the dispute is resolved rather quickly without going to court.

So many public officials mistakenly understand that a ‘separation of church and state’ requires religion to be restricted in the public square but the opposite is the original intent of the First Amendment of the Constitution. ‘Freedom of religion’ is supposed to be guaranteed.

The principal here says that she is concerned about wasting money but doesn’t think twice about allowing this to go into court with all of the attending legal fees and expenses?

Also, I find the statement of Principal Brijinder Sing that it is ‘my school’ to be rather arrogant and offensive. It is not ‘her school’ to do with as she pleases. It should never be a matter of what the principal wants or doesn’t want, likes or doesn’t like. There is a school board to answer to and parents beyond that. Also, when all else fails there is the legal system. All else obviously has failed in this case and the blame lies squarely at the feet of this intransigent arrogant school administrator.            *Top

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