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-California: Christians Arrested for Reading the Bible in Public

by Dr. D ~ April 29th, 2011

The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments t...

                                   (Bill of Rights via Wikipedia)

Three Christians were recently arrested for reading the Bible out loud on public property in front of a California DMV office while waiting for it to open.

Mark Mackey, an assistant pastor along with two leaders from Calvary Chapel of Hemet were in front of a California DMV office and began to read from the Bible aloud. They were approached by a security guard who demanded that they stop.

Then ten minutes later, a California Highway patrol officer showed up and grabbed the Bible from Mackey hands and put him under arrest. When the two men with the pastor protested and asked what law was broken they too were arrested.

Their attorney Robert Tyler of Advocates for Faith and Freedom said that the arrests were a direct violation of the First Amendment of the US Constitution:

"What’s disturbing about this case in particular is that a person with a badge and a gun, who has been trained by some of the finest police forces here in California, [thinks] that it is appropriate to arrest somebody because they are reading the Bible aloud in public, on public property."

The three men were later released when the district attorney declined to file any charges. ‘Officially’ they had been arrested for "impeding an open business" but the DMV office was actually closed at the time and the men were at least 50 feet from the entrance.

However, Tyler’s law group has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of pastor Mackey and his friends challenging their treatment.

Response: This is a chilling example of a new trend in America. The First Amendment was designed to protect the freedom of religion and religious practice in this country. However, lately the ‘separation of church and state’ has come to mean to many in authority that religion is to be restricted when it comes to the public square –exactly opposite of the original intent of the writers of the Constitution.

We are now seeing our religious freedoms being chipped away. Lately street preachers have been arrested all around this country and home Bible studies have been shut down. Schools are now told by the ACLU that they will be sued if they even mention Christian holidays anymore. 

All of the above are overturned when legally challenged but government officials and police continue to assert authority they don’t really have in this area. Most of the time unfortunately it goes unchallenged. Our rights are being stood on their ear and one wonders what it will be like in this country in 20 or 30 years if it keeps on going like it is?            *Top

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3 Responses to -California: Christians Arrested for Reading the Bible in Public

  1. steve

    According to that knowledge bank of accurate information obama who believes there are fifty seven states this country is not a christian country anymore and islamists were highly involved in our independence. I suggest that anyone that we vote on should not be an islamist sympathizer as we know what that has meant for the us. As for the aclu the assinine crew of legal uselessness, they only represent the bizarre and the eccentric and fight anything of value to the majority of americans!

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