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-Ohio Church: "Being Gay Is a Gift From God"?

by Dr. D ~ April 28th, 2011

The Central United Methodist Church of Toledo, Ohio is spreading this message to their community via a digital billboard, launched on Monday:

"Being Gay Is a Gift From God"


According to the Church’s website:

“The Church seeks nothing less than the healing of the world, and Central UMC wants to offer words and acts of healing to those hurt and marginalized”

“By welcoming and living in community with faithful Christians who happen to be gay, we have come to understand that being gay is part of who God made them to be. And by gay Christians bringing all that they are to God, the body of Christ has been strengthened.”

“In fact, we would experience the body of Christ as incomplete without LGBT persons.”

Meanwhile, this has caused a considerable controversy to rise up on this issue among other Christian ministries and churches in the area, even in the denomination that CUMC is part of (United Methodist Church) which does not allow homosexual marriages nor do they ordain openly gay ministers.

One response comes from Jeff Buchanan, the director of Exodus Church Equipping & Student Ministries, who said that he agreed that the Church needed to display love and compassion for those in the LGBT community but opposed the message of the CUMC campaign that “Being Gay is a Gift from God”:

“Why would God bestow this ‘gift’ only to condemn it throughout the Bible? This would seemingly contradict His character as a God who is loving and just.”

(This message) “tells people that the only option they have is a gay identity.”

But “people need to understand that thousands of men and women have found there is another way and have found freedom from homosexuality through the power of Christ.”

“While we may not choose our desires, we do have the ability and responsibility to choose whether or not we act on those desires. Our goal should be living a life that is congruent with Scripture.”

“Genesis describes the fall of man and the permanent effects that sin has on us spiritually, mentally, and physically. Just because something may be inherent does not mean it was intended.”

Response: The American Church really does need to display more love and compassion for those in the LGBT community. However I agree substantially with Jeff Buchanan’s views on the CUMC message, that does not mean that it is necessary for the church to accept the homosexual lifestyle and proclaim it as ‘a gift from God’ in contradiction to Biblical teaching.

One thing, it is unfortunate how the American church has reacted to those in the LGBT lifestyle as partaking of a sin that is greater than all others. Somehow it seems to be deemed as worse than heterosexual Adultery or fornication among many Christians though the Bible views them as all equally sinful.

I once received a request for prayer on the Answers Prayerline from a Christian woman who actually apologized because she sought prayer for her homosexual daughter. She explained that she didn’t dare put her daughter on the prayer list at her own home church since “they hated gays so much there”. How unfortunate and a real distortion of Biblical teaching and the love that we are supposed to have for everyone in the name of Jesus.            *Top

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