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-Poll: Majority of Egyptians Want to Scrap peace Treaty with Israel

by Dr. D ~ April 27th, 2011

Shaded relief map of Egypt.

                                     (Image via Wikipedia)

According to a Pew Global poll, 54% of the Egyptian people would like to scrap the current peace treaty with Israel while only 36% of Egyptians profess to be in favor of maintaining the treaty.

The poll also showed that the people were equally divided over who should replace Mubarak government whether it should be dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood or the more secular April 6 movement.

When it comes to the USA, only 20% have a positive view and only 15% believe that Egypt should maintain close ties with America.

Response: The Israel treaty response is troubling to say the least. Again for those in the media who want to maintain that the revolution in Egypt was all about establishing Western style democracy and freedom, this poll seems to contradict that view.

It is understandable that the USA should be in low regard since we supported and helped to keep Mubarak in office for a whole generation. Also America is very unpopular probably because of our support of Israel over the years.

It will be interesting to see who really takes over and ends up running Egypt. My sense is that it will become a far more radical Islamist country than heretofore. The prospects for Egypt supporting some kind of military action against Israel in the future are rather chilling to those of us who support Israel.             *Top

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