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-Dearborn, Michigan: Quran-burning Pastor Denied Permit and Will be Subject to Arrest

by Dr. D ~ April 21st, 2011

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 16:  Controversial Florida...

  (by Getty Images via @daylife)

Terry Jones, the Quran-burning Florida pastor has plans to protest radical Islam in front of the Largest Mosque in America in Dearborn, Michigan. The city of Dearborn  has denied him a permit for his planned rally on Good Friday with concerns that it would result in violence.

Terry Jones says that he still plans to demonstrate outside the Ford Road mosque anyway noting that the mosque was an ideal site for his protest against "radical Islam" and Sharia law.

Response: Dearborn is the closest thing there is to a Muslim city in the USA. Christian evangelists have been arrested there in the past for trying to proselyte Muslims without a proper permit. The city officials and police in that city are dominated by American Muslims and will have very little sympathy for pastor Jones and his antics against Islam.

It will be interesting to see how Pastor Jones is received and treated in Dearborn on Friday if indeed he does follow through with his protest in front of the Mosque. Is there really danger of violence breaking out in an American city over a Quran burning? One would surely hope not. If so, then some American Muslims are far more radical than they claim to be and they would actually play into and somewhat validate Pastor Jones fears and claims.             *Top

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4 Responses to -Dearborn, Michigan: Quran-burning Pastor Denied Permit and Will be Subject to Arrest

  1. K Mullins

    What we have here is a demonstration of the police state we live in. Terry is an American citizen and he has a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to protest. The government of Dearborn should be sued into non existence for denying Terry his Constitutional right to protest.

    The US Army can burn the Bible, these islamics can burn our flag and bible and preach their hatred on the streets but we can’t counter protest? BULLSHIT.

    People need to stop just letting these violations of the Constitution to happen.

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  4. Frank Hatch

    Koran Idol:

    In classical Arabic, the Koran is used for memorization and chant. By making their language large and their god small, they’ve got a pretty book – a polished idol.

    Since the dialectical Absolute of the Koran is found in Mohammed’s synthesis of an incomplete Bible, the Koran has become the Idol against all idols. (This is consistent with the Pride against all prides: the Pride of Hell.)

    If you want evidence that the Koran is an idol, simply make a public announcement that you’re going to burn one. To be murdered in Afghanistan, all you need to do is to translate one. If you like European riots, draw a cartoon of its author.

    The Islamic rioters’ prostration to Mohammed’s Koran would be an annoyance to Gabriel. Only Lucifer insists on bowing and prostration. Gabriel won’t tolerate it.

    Best Regards,

    Frank Hatch
    Initial Mass Displacements

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