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-Palestinian Christians Denied Access to Jerusalem During Easter

by Dr. D ~ April 18th, 2011

Jerusalem- Church of the Holy Sepulcher

                      (Image by AntonioA via Flickr)

Thousands of Christians make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to worship at the Holy Sites of Christianity during Easter Holy week. However only a very few Palestinian Christians from the West Bank or Gaza are ever allowed in the city during that Time.

Palestinian’s must apply for a permit to travel there from the Israeli military and unfortunately no permits are allowed during the Jewish Passover week which coincides many times with the Christian observance. It has become increasingly difficult for Palestinian Christians to visit the Holy places since the ‘Intifada’ terrorist events against Israel have increased and security has become very tight in the country.

Response: The Palestinian Christians are constantly caught in the middle of the battles between Jewish Israel and the Palestinian Muslims. The Christians are mistreated by both sides.

While many Christians in America like myself support Israel, the Palestinian Christians are forgotten in the process. Many of them can actually see Jerusalem but because of where they live are unable to join with other Christians in celebrating Easter at the Holy sites.

The Israeli authorities should be pressured by Christian leaders to resolve this slight of Palestinian Christians. Also, prayer and more support are needed for these brothers and sisters in Christ.             *Top

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