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-National Day of Prayer Ruled Constitutional by Court of Appeals

by Dr. D ~ April 15th, 2011

Thousands listen to President Barack Obama's r...

                        (National Day of Prayer via Wikipedia)

Yesterday, three judges of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the National Day of prayer was constitutional and that the Freedom From Religion Foundation based in Madison, Wis. had no legal standing to sue. According to the court, only the President really had the right to challenge the annual practice and he supported it.

The court declared that  "A feeling of alienation cannot suffice as injury." which is what the foundation complained of in their suit. The judges reasoned that although the Day of Prayer is directed at all citizens, no one is really obligated to follow the Presidential proclamation. Here’s a quote from the opinion written by Chief Judge Frank Easterbrook:

The president frequently calls on citizens to do things they prefer not to do, possibly on religious or political grounds, the court said. However, the Republican Party would not have standing to bring a lawsuit against the president if he speaks to his supporters or tries to sway the undecided, Easterbrook wrote.

The opinion cites President Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address, which mentions God seven times and prayer three times.

"The address is chiseled in stone at the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall," Easterbrook wrote. "An argument that the prominence of these words injures every citizen, and that the Judicial Branch could order them to be blotted out, would be dismissed as preposterous."

The ruling overturns the April 2010 decision of  U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb that the prayer day was unconstitutional because it amounted to a government order for religious action. The Freedom From Religion Foundation says that they will continue to pursue the case by asking for the entire 7th Circuit court to rule on the matter.

Response: Common sense finally prevails. No one is obligated to follow the Presidential proclamation if they choose not to. To pray or not to pray is purely voluntary –even on that official day.             *Top

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7 Responses to -National Day of Prayer Ruled Constitutional by Court of Appeals

  1. Jacob Andrews

    Was it ever really in question whether people had a choice? The assumptions people make about religion continue to astound me.

  2. Dr. D

    Yes Jacob,
    Regular ordinary folks across America understand that it is all a choice and voluntary. However get a bunch of lawyers involved and all sorts of crazy claims are bantered around whether they are credible or not.

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  4. Nellie Austin

    Isn’t this GREAT!!!? The Lord is ALMIGHTY, SOVEREIGN. He is STILL IN CONTROL and this shows the ACLU a little tad about His control. This is actually the second reading that I have read this week where the ACLU lost to God!!! In Christ Jesus and for His Holy Namesake, Nellie Austin [Happy Easter–He Is Risen!!!].

  5. Dr. D

    Thanks Nellie, He is risen indeed!

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