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-Pakistan: Man Exonerated of ‘Blasphemy’ Was Killed Anyway

by Dr. D ~ April 13th, 2011

Map of Pakistan

(Map by Omer Wazir via Flickr)

The Pakistani man was accused, jailed, tried, and cleared of the crime of ‘blasphemy’ against the prophet Muhammad. Nevertheless he was killed by Islamist vigilantes anyway.

Mohamed Imran was a Shia Muslim which is a minority in Pakistan that many times are subjected to persecution in the country. The nature of his supposed violation was never repeated since it too would be blasphemy against the prophet.

The case was dismissed by the judge after viewing the evidence but that wasn’t good enough for the two radical gunmen who later found Imran and shot him down. Imran leaves behind a wife and 4 year old daughter behind plus a brother that he was close to.

Even though no one could specify what the accused had supposedly said, the imams and religious leaders at the local mosque continued to fan the flames of anger against Imran.

Response: Pakistan continues to spin out of control with radical Islamists rising up and taking matters into their own hands. Remember that two political leaders were killed recently for merely suggesting that the ‘blasphemy laws’ needed to be dropped.

Now we have a man found innocent by a judge but killed anyway? According to reports, more than 30 folks accused of blasphemy have been killed by vigilantes in the country.

The most disturbing aspect of this story to me is the participation of local Muslim religious leaders in condemning Imran and encouraging the climate of anger against him that ultimately led to his murder.            *Top

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