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-Saudi Arabia: House Church Christians in Jail Without Even a Trial

by Dr. D ~ April 11th, 2011

King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. (2002 photo)

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It is illegal in Saudi Arabia to have a Christian church and it is even against the law for Christians to worship in their own homes much less till Muslims about the faith. To bring that point home, two Indian Christians have been in jail since January for sharing their faith without even a trial.

In prison they have no access to a Bible but not only that, they are forbidden to even pray. I guess the Saudi’s don’t really understand that Christians can pray silently any where or anytime. Meanwhile, prison officials are trying to force them to convert to Islam.

The two are Vasantha Sekhar Vara, 28, and Nese Yohan, 31, who are members of the “Rejoice in the Church of the Lord” congregation and have been detained in the Riyadh central jail since January. They are the only Christians there and have not been treated very well at all as one would expect.

Meanwhile, Saudi religious police have raided their house church and confiscated all of the congregation’s Bibles, religious materials along with guitars and sound system used by the 70 member group for worship. Now the church is meeting in a variety of homes in order to avoid detection.

Response: The actions and views of the Saudis are more than hypocritical. The Saudi government recently complained about Terry Jones Quran burning, but think nothing about destroying Bibles.

The Saudi’s do not allow any churches to be built in their country but last year complained to the Obama administration about all of the opposition to the so-called ‘Ground-Zero’ mosque.  It is actually against the law in Saudi Arabia for Christians to teach their own children about their faith, but the Saudis contribute $millions to support Muslim madrasas (schools) in this country.

The Saudi’s also think nothing about asking our military to protect them from their enemies, but all US military chaplains are forbidden from wearing crosses on their uniforms while stationed there. Meanwhile, they continue to export their radical Islamist form of Wahhabi Muslim religion all around the world and we continue to call them our allies.

How long will this be allowed to continue? Since President Obama actually bowed to the Saudi King when they met it will probably continue while he’s president and also while there is still oil beneath the sands of the Arabian Peninsula.             *Top

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3 Responses to -Saudi Arabia: House Church Christians in Jail Without Even a Trial

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  2. win

    dude, they broke the law, other counties can be as hyporitical as they like, as there is no law against it. i would be much more concerned about other issues in the country, such as torture without trial, and the imprisonment of women rather than two crazy bible bashers who got caught doing something they knew was wrong.

  3. Apostle (Dr) Benny.C.Wonders

    Beloved God is awaer of what is happening and i want those believers to forgive the Saudi Arabia’s government and pray for the salvation of their soul for they don’t know what they are doing.All the moselm worlds are lost souls so whatever they do is not from them but their father the devil who is making them to act foolishly. i am speaking with a experience for i was a moselm before God called me out to preach Christ Jesus, I was in Saudi Arabia in 1988 and i asked some question in my arabic school which no one gives me the answer.do you know that God will make use of those if He can use me,i believe that He has a good plans for them also so allow them let them keep on doing what they are doing God has the fainly say and by His grace we are praying for u all in Jesus name

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