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-‘Quran Burning’ Updates

by Dr. D ~ April 9th, 2011

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 16:  Controversial Florida...

(Terry Jones by Getty Images via @daylife)

The ‘Quran burning’ story has a life of its own particularly in the Middle East. Now as many as 43 deaths have been attributed to the burning and the ‘blame game’ continues. Here are some updates just from this week:

Controversial Quran burning pastor Terry Jones visited Orange County CA this week. He claimed that he had received over 400 death threats and that the radical Jihadi group Hezbollah had put a bounty of $2.4 million on his head. I guess that is to be expected from the peace loving adherents to the ‘religion of peace’.

The pastor says that he plans to hold another mock trial –this time for Islamic prophet Muhammad. Obviously he is going to be violating some ones ‘blasphemy laws’ somewhere.  Also he says that he plans to visit Dearborn, Mich. and demonstrate outside the nation’s largest mosque. Dearborn is about as close as one can get to a Muslim city and sharia government in the USA. Should be interesting to watch what happens. Christian evangelists have been arrested for preaching at the annual street fair there in the past so one can only imagine what might happen when Jones and his group shows up ‘insulting’ Islam.

Here’s a fine article by Daniel Pipes on the burning incident and who is really to blame for all of the deaths which he pegs currently at 43 in his update:

Should We Blame a Florida Pastor for Deaths in Afghanistan?

Pipes notes all of the US politicians reacting against Jones as being ultimately responsible for the deaths. He also sites one poll from the liberal UK Guardian that indicates that only 45% of those in the UK blame Jones while 55% assign the major blame to Islamic radicals. A surprisingly sensible response from the left-wing.

Pipes concludes his article with this:

“…  Islam is one religion among others, with no claim to superior status. Indeed closing down the claim to Islamic supremacism may be the single greatest challenge to modernizing Islam.

However distasteful, Jones’ act is both legal and non-violent. He is not responsible for the 43 deaths; the repugnant, barbaric ideology of Islamism is to blame. When will U.S. politicians realize this basic fact and stand up robustly for the civil liberties of American citizens? Critiquing Islam, tastefully or distastefully done, is a Constitutional right. Indeed, done intelligently it is a civilizational imperative.”


Then while I looked around the Internet this morning I found this story:

Muslim Desecrates Bible in Pakistan to ‘Avenge’ Quran Burning

A 24 year old Pakistani Muslim decided to take revenge upon Christians over the Quran burning by doing likewise to a Bible in front of Saint Anthony’s Catholic Church in Lahore on Friday.

The young man was arrested while he destroyed a Bible and put in jail for violating Pakistan’s religious ‘blasphemy’ laws.

Response: I guess now we can expect heads to roll and violence in the streets from Christians? Right! In fact Pakistani Christian leaders called on their people to ‘turn the other cheek’ demonstrating a real significant difference between Islam and modern Christianity. 

Also, I really am against the man being arrested for the act since he did no damage to the church or any real violence against Christians. The religious ‘blasphemy’ laws in Pakistan really do need to be dropped. Potentially ten years in prison for destroying a Bible is really excessive from my view even if the act it is offensive.             *Top


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