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-Supreme Court Allows Arizona Tax Credits for Religious Schools

by Dr. D ~ April 5th, 2011

The inscription Equal Justice Under Law as see...

                              (US Supreme Court via Wikipedia)

On Monday, the US Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that Arizona’s Private School Tax Credit Law could continue to be used for religious school tuition scholarship funds.

The Arizona Private School Tax Credit Law allows state residents to receive state income tax breaks for donations ranging from $500 to $1,000 to non-profit school tuition organization funds (STOs). These funds are used to provide scholarships to students attending a private school.

A lawsuit had been filed by American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona claiming that tax credits for contributions to religious school STO’s were tantamount to government support for ‘religious discrimination’. The ACLU was trying to eliminate tax credits only for the religious school STO’s. The real target of the suit was the Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization.

The SCOTUS ruled that the Arizona law merely provided for tax relief for private donations that could be applied also to secular private schools and that state taxpayers were not forced to contribute or participate. In actuality no government funds were appropriated in the program.

Response: Another case where the ACLU attempted to actually limit the rights of people of faith, particularly Christians.

There really was no ‘religious discrimination’ or favoritism since the tax credits were available for all Arizona residents to use towards any private school funds of their choice including for secular schools and for those of a variety of faiths and religions. If the lawsuit had been successful than people of faith and faith groups and schools would have actually had less rights than secular folks and schools. Therefore as the motto states: “Equal justice Under the Law” prevails once more.              *Top

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