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-Afghanistan: Violence Continues Over Quran Burning, 5 More Dead

by Dr. D ~ April 2nd, 2011

Map of Afghanistan with flag.

                          (Afghanistan via Wikipedia)

As crazy as it seems to those of us in the West, Muslims in the Middle East continue to be angry over a Quran being burned by some marginal church in Florida.

In Afghanistan today the riots continue all over that country, stores are being destroyed, cars are being burned, hundreds have been injured and 5 more have died. Mobs are roving all over the cities looking for foreigners to take their vengeance on.

Leaders in the Middle East including the Afghan President are calling for the Florida pastors to be arrested. Some Muslim imams are calling for their death. So much for the latest demonstration of the supposed ‘religion of peace’. 

Response: The Quran burning is being used by the Taliban and other radical Islamists to further their own cause and fuel an anti-American and Western sentiment in that country and across the entire Middle East.

Today I see all sorts of blogs blaming the Florida pastors for the results and calling for some sort of legal action against them by the American government. Certainly the Florida pastors do bear some ultimate responsibility for the out of control events that have followed even though they refuse to accept it.Though I abhor the Quran burning itself, no action should be taken against them.

I repeat, no government action should be taken by the US government against the supposed Church and its leaders in Florida.

We still have freedom of religion and freedom of speech in this country. Also, no laws should be written or passed which make it illegal to burn a Quran or any other religious book in this country.

Next, the US government should refuse to sign onto any international or UN law that makes it illegal to blaspheme Islam, its book or its prophet in any way. That is what the Arab league is demanding in the aftermath of these events.

However, my advise to those revolting crazy Florida pastors is to hire some body guards and protection for themselves, their families, and their church. Although the vast majority of Muslims in America are peace-loving folks a tiny few are maybe not so much.             *Top

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