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-U.N. Passes Resolution Supporting Religious Freedom

by Dr. D ~ March 25th, 2011

United Nations Human Rights Council logo.

             (UN Human Rights Council via Wikipedia)

From Kevin Eckstrom, Religion News Service:

U.S. officials praised a United Nations council for a new statement on religious freedom that sidestepped a divisive debate sponsored by Islamic countries over the "defamation of religions."
The U.N. Human Rights Council on Thursday (March 24) approved a resolution voicing concern on "emerging obstacles" to religious freedom and growing "religious intolerance, discrimination and violence."

The United States supported the resolution, which Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called a "significant step forward" in global efforts to combat "intolerance, discrimination and violence … based upon religion or belief."

Response: This is great news. For once the UN actually got it right! It is an answer to the ‘defamation of religions’ resolution which is nothing more that an Islamic ‘blasphemy law’ which continues to be introduced to the United Nations council.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference has sponsored a "defamation of religions" resolution to the U.N. for the past several years and fortunately it continues to get voted down. That proposal singles out Islam and make it a criminal offense to criticize it in any way. A very dangerous proposition indeed.

The USA along with others sponsored this resolution that passed on Thursday as an actual response to the ‘blasphemy laws’ in Pakistan and the Middle East that are being used to restrict religious freedom and encourage intolerance, persecution, and violence toward Christians and other minority religions.            *Top

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