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-Is Organized Religion Destined to Die Out in 9 Western Countries?

by Dr. D ~ March 23rd, 2011

Religious symbols ("Abrahamic")

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According to a team of mathematicians using census data, organized religion will substantially be driven towards extinction by one generation in 9 Western countries including; Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands. Also Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland and Switzerland, will not be far behind.

The researchers used census data to make their predictions. Religion won’t die out completely in these countries but it will become socially unacceptable to admit to a religious affiliation and more beneficial to be ‘unaffiliated’.

Response: The researchers do not take into consideration the Muslim immigration and any affects it could bring to these countries. Also from a Christian perspective there are many folks praying for a revival to come to Europe once more. In addition, I am sure that Canada will soon be re-awakened along with America.

Those of us who are believers have observed many miracles before in history and expect more to come. The same Jesus and Holy Spirit that touched nations in Europe for 2,000 years is still active and at work today even in Europe.           *Top

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