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-Libya: A No-Win Scenario and Now Pres. Obama Decides to Act!

by Dr. D ~ March 18th, 2011

Muammar al-Gaddafi, pictured in 2009 

(Image by BlatantNews.com via Flickr)


For over 3 weeks President Obama has condemned the Libyan dictator with nothing more than strong rhetoric but was incredibly indecisive when it came to any kind of real action.

He dithered away the time on the golf course and working on his ‘Final Four’ basketball picks while the rebel forces were going down in defeat at the hands of the Libyan air force.

Now that there is really very little hope that Gaddafi can be overthrown and it is a no-win situation no matter what, now the President chooses to get involved and gives his approval to a UN sponsored no-fly zone?

When I say that the current situation is a no-win scenario what I mean is that no matter what happens or what we do now in regard to Libya we lose –both sides are going to end up hating the good old USA.

First of all if Gaddafi does prevail and it certainly looks that way. He is not going to be very happy with us for calling him out and then supporting and leading a losing UN no-fly zone.

Gaddafi use to be a major sponsor of terror and provided training camps in his country. He became a ‘good old boy’ after Pres. Reagan had navy jets put a missile right into his family home. Then he saw the writing on the wall when Pres. Bush took on Afghanistan and Iraq. He gave up his chemical weapons and his plans for a nuclear arsenal and even regularized his relations with America.

After the recent ‘weak-kneed’ rhetorical performance of the current president I would expect him to be belligerent once more and to go back to his old terrorist ways. A definite no-win for the USA.

Now if by some miracle the rebels win out then maybe the USA gets some new friends?


First of all we should have helped them 3 weeks ago when it really counted before 1,000’s were killed by Gaddafi’s air force. Now all of the rebels who do survive will blame the USA for not acting more quickly.

Secondly, some of the key rebel leaders in Libya are reportedly Islamist radicals with links to al Qaeda. If they win than al Qaeda could gain a new base of operation. A real no-win situation for the USA.

The current situation in Libya is the ultimate no-win scenario for America. No matter who wins now we lose.            *Top

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