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-Ethiopia: Islamic Extremists Set Fire to 59 Churches and Burn 28 Christian Homes

by Dr. D ~ March 11th, 2011

Map of Ethiopia.

                                     (Map of Ethiopia via Wikipedia)

Thousands of Islamic extremists attacked and set fire to 59 churches and burned 28 Christian homes over a 5 day period in Western Ethiopia. More than 4,000 Christians have been displaced from their homes so far plus one Christian was killed at least and a number of ministers were injured.

The attacks started on Wednesday March 2 after Muslims accused a Christian of tearing up a copy of the Quran. Muslim mobs numbering in the thousands rampaged throughout the entire area beginning in Asendabo, then to Chiltie, Gilgel Gibe, Gibe, Nada, Dimtu, Uragay, Busa and Koticha.

The police who were outnumbered and overwhelmed by the attackers basically stood by and watched what was happening.

Response: Another situation where intolerant Muslims attack the minority Christian community under a questionable pretext. Meanwhile the authorities are powerless to protect the Christians even though Ethiopia has a Constitution which guarantees the ‘Freedom of Religion’. 

The worse part is that this is far from over. Please remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia and their safety.            *Top


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3 Responses to -Ethiopia: Islamic Extremists Set Fire to 59 Churches and Burn 28 Christian Homes

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  2. Nakachew

    It is us the christians who should take the blame. If on does not respect his religion he should not expect from the other party. Why do these muslims touch our bible who the f— are they????? They are selling the bible like their prophet did…..why???? we have to show them that we can defend if we want attack them…these sh–s…so what???

  3. Dr. D

    We are different than them -called to be better. Actually Jesus taught that we should love and pray for our enemies. Doesn’t mean that we cannot defend ourselves but it does mean that we should never be the aggressors.

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