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-Egypt: Islamic Mob Burns Down Church Then 13 Christians Die and Over a Hundred Hurt During Protest

by Dr. D ~ March 9th, 2011

The Coptic Cross

                 (Coptic Cross via Wikipedia)

From Compass Direct:

CAIRO, March 8 (CDN) — A Muslim mob in a village south of Cairo last weekend attacked a church building and burned it down, almost killing the parish priest after an imam issued a call to “Kill all the Christians,”  according to local sources.

The attack started on Friday evening (March 4) in the village of Sool, located in the city of Helwan 35 kilometers (22 miles) from Cairo, and lasted through most of Saturday. A local imam, Sheik Ahmed Abu Al-Dahab, issued the call during Friday afternoon prayers, telling area Muslims to kill the Christians because they had “no right” to live in the village. The attack started several hours later.

On Tuesday hundreds of Coptic Christians marched in protest of the destroyed church. Thousands of Muslims surrounded the Christians and began throwing rocks which escalated to throwing Molotov cocktails into the crowd. Later the Egyptian military showed up to put down the riot but reportedly shot only into the Christian gathering killing at least 13 and injuring more than 140.

Response: The Western media including the Washington Post has styled this rather even-handedly as ‘sectarian violence’ and merely reported that 13 died in the melee and more than 140 were injured.

What the main stream media does not report is that all of the deaths according to a Coptic Bishop were Christians and nearly all of those injured were also. Rather a one-sided case of ‘sectarian’ strife I would contend. 

Another case where Coptic Christians come out on the short end of things and our ever vigilant Western media tries to put the best possible face on it hoping not to be considered guilty of ‘Islamophobia’.

Somehow or another in order to preserve their current supposedly ‘unbiased’ religious template the media has to portray the Copts as at least equally at fault for the confrontation even if it was their church which was burned and their people killed or injured. It simply won’t due to admit the truth that this is another case of Muslim aggression and persecution against Christians.            *Top

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