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-Is it Really ‘Islamophobic’ to Investigate Islamic Radicalization in America?

by Dr. D ~ March 8th, 2011


             (Times Square by asterix611 via Flickr)

Several hundred gathered in NY City to protest the upcoming congressional hearings of Peter king on Islamic radicalization in America. Christian and Jewish religious leaders stood in solidarity with Muslims to protest the hearings. ‘Islamophobic’ was the key word that seemed to be favorite of the day along with ‘intolerance’ and persecution.

Many faith leaders including the National Council of Christian Churches say that the singling out of Muslims for radical investigation is against everything that America stands for and the very constitution itself that grants freedom of religion.

However, is it really against Islam and therefore ‘Islamophobic’ to investigate radical elements within that religion that really want to destroy our way of life and eventually do away with the Constitution and our current laws and replace it with Islamic Sharia rule?

The majority of Muslims in America like this country the way it is. But there is a small minority that seem also to be radicalized and a number of home grown terrorists have risen in our midst. Shouldn’t it be investigated how that has happened? Shouldn’t radicals continue to be investigated by the authorities in order to stop future terrorism in America regardless of religion?

last year a radical Christian group which had plans for terrorist events was investigated by the FBI and the leaders arrested. I have no problem with that action by the authorities and do not consider it to be ‘anti-Christian’ at all. There was also a Congressional investigation into a number of Christian ministries that seemed to lavish a rich lifestyle on their leaders and I didn’t protest against that investigation either.

We will be watching the Peter King hearings and if it does turn into some kind of anti-Islamic’ witch hunt that singles out all of Islam and regular American Muslims rather that keying in on radical elements then we will be critical of the whole proceedings.

However, I do not think that the investigations need to be nor are they necessarily against all of Islam and American Muslims per se — just radical trouble makers. Time will tell whether the hearings are ‘Islamophobic’ or not. They don’t have to be nor are they necessarily so.             *Top

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