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-Are the Revolting Muslims Really Seeking a New Caliphate?

by Dr. D ~ March 1st, 2011

Territorial changes of the Ottoman Empire

                                     (Image via Wikipedia)

There is an under current and subtext to all of the revolts that are going on across the Muslim Middle East and North Africa.

There is an Muslim dream and ideal that is being expressed that continues to go unreported because it does not meet the Western template nor does it make any sense to most of the Western observers.

There is an underlying hope among the demonstrators in the Middle East for a new Islamic Caliphate that would include the entire Middle East and North Africa. In order for that to happen all of the current regimes must fall and the new leaders must be willing to cooperate together.

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1 Response to -Are the Revolting Muslims Really Seeking a New Caliphate?

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