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-Indonesia: Taking a Turn Towards the Radical?

by Dr. D ~ February 10th, 2011

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Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world but has been considered ‘moderate’ in their practice of Islam. Minority religions like Christianity have been able to thrive in that country for years but this is no longer the case as a more radical form and view of Islam is now on the rise.

A week no longer goes by now without running across at least one story where Christians are now being persecuted in Indonesia. One of the more recent ploys across the country is to deny Christian groups the right to build churches on their own properties. Then when groups meet in homes many have been faced with attacks by Islamist radicals and even subject to arrests by authorities.

Here is the latest that I found just this morning:

Indonesia police guard churches amid wave of hate

Here’s a quote from the Sydney Morning Herald article:

Indonesia’s image as a "moderate" bastion of inter-faith harmony has taken a severe battering in recent months at the hands of violent Islamic extremists and vigilante groups.

The wave of hate crimes targeting Christians and other minorities climaxed on Sunday when hundreds of enraged Muslims brutally murdered three followers of a heterodox Islamic sect in front of police, who did little to intervene.

The country was still reeling at the disturbing video of that lynch mob attack when another Muslim mob rampaged through the streets of Temanggung, Central Java, on Tuesday.

This time the police responded with tear gas and warning shots but again they failed to stop the mob, which set fire to two churches and vandalised a Catholic school as they demanded death for a Christian man who had been sentenced to jail for blaspheming Islam.

Response: The Western media seldom picks up and runs with stories like this so those of us in the US and West have little idea how moderate Indonesia is now in the midst of a radical Islamist transformation.  It seems to be getting worse rather than better. Indonesia seems to be joining the Middle East and Africa in a fundamentalist Muslim revival.

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