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-Afghan Red Cross Worker to be Hanged for Converting to Christianity

by Dr. D ~ February 7th, 2011

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AFGHANISTAN: An Afghan physiotherapist will be executed soon for converting to Christianity. A judge recently told him that he would be hanged within days unless he converted back to Islam.

Said Musa, 45, has been held in a prison in Kabul for the last 8 months where he claims that he has been tortured and abused even sexually by inmates and guards.

Nevertheless Said remains resolute and refuses to reconvert to Islam. He says that he is more than willing to die for his faith:

‘My body is theirs to do what they want with.

‘Only God can decide if my spirit goes to hell.’

Musa’s case has been legally problematic from the beginning since no defense lawyers will take his case due to on-going threats made by radical Muslims.

Mr. Musa has worked for the Red Cross for 15 years helping to treat fellow amputees. He lost his left leg in a landmine explosion in the 1990s.

Response: This really is crazy. Most Americans really do not understand how backward and radical Afghanistan really is when it comes to Islamic law. Meanwhile American and Western soldiers continue to die for a corrupt government that will never become any kind of democracy and a people who don’t really want it.

According to the Afghan constitution there is suppose to be freedom of religion in that country but also according to the same constitution Islamic Sharia Law supersedes and overrides any of the other laws in the country rendering ‘freedom of religion’ as really a very sad joke.

While we have soldiers in the country propping up this corrupt regime the least we could expect and demand is for the constitutional rights we helped them to pen to be honored in some way. At the very least Mr. Musa should be allowed to leave the country.

In the mean time we should be praying for this Christian brother and issuing complaints to our Congressional representatives.            *Top             

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