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-Egypt: Mohamed ElBaradei- A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

by Dr. D ~ February 2nd, 2011


Who is Mohamed ElBaradei? Is this a guy who we should hope for as the new leader of Egypt?  ElBaradei sure looks like a leader that those of us in the West could and should support.

He was born into a middle class family in Cairo and educated in the West and is a Nobel laureate who holds a Ph.D. in international law from New York University. Along with his native Arabic, he is also fluent in English, French, and German. Plus he lived in the U.S. for nearly fifteen years.

In his career he has served the Egyptian Foreign Ministry in various capacities and lately has served as a United Nations diplomat.

His portfolio looks good but many wonder if he would be a strong enough leader to control all of the very different opposition parties in Egypt. Many worry that he would only be a figure head until the Muslim Brotherhood gained enough power to take over completely.

Here’s another take on ElBaradei from Joel C. Rosenberg that questions whether he is actually far worse- ‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing listing several reasons to be concerned:

However, the closer one looks at ElBaradei’s career and public statements, the more troubling the image becomes. Indeed, three clues tell us the answer is “no,” ElBaradei is not someone we can trust, and certainly not someone we want running Egypt. To the contrary, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and we must not let him gain power.

First, Mohamed ElBaradei is an apologist for Iran.  …

Second, ElBaredei has demonstrated he is anti-Israel.  …

Third, ElBaradei is an apologist for the Muslim Brotherhood.  …

Then Rosenberg concludes with this:

Mohammed ElBaradei is definitely not the guy. He is a false prophet in bed with Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. We must keep looking for a true Reformer. In the meantime, we must do everything in our power to prevent the Radicals from seizing Cairo, and the rest of the Sunni world with it.

Response: Rosenberg’s is a must read article. He offers complete documentation on all of his statements and concerns about ElBaredei.            *Top

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5 Responses to -Egypt: Mohamed ElBaradei- A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

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  2. Mohammed

    And Who are you to decide who runs Egypt!!! and yet to dare to announce you oppose radicals however, the reality is that you are crazy radicals who want to impose their views and stick their noses everywhere, I dare you to publish this comment.. You will stand before God and you will be sentenced to eternal hell if you continue your mischief, support for the Israeli wrongdoers, and war against Islam which you know deep inside you it’s the truth.

  3. Dr. D

    Yes Mohammed, I do support Israel and there is only one truth- Jesus Christ is Lord.

    Every Knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. One day Mohammed you shall bow to the Holy One of Israel.

  4. Saad

    Ok, Dr. D. Why don’t you get Netanyahu to bow down first to Jesus Christ. I would love to see that. Did you know that Orthodox Jews spit on Priests in Israel?

    My Early Years in Occupied Palestine: Archbishop Elias Chacour

  5. Dr. D

    Actually at some point in history every Jew and everyone else will bow before Jesus, even Netanyahu.

    Also it is true that Christians are not treated all that well by some of the Orthodox in Israel particularly Palestinian Christians who are persecuted by both the Muslims and the Jews. However we are a little bit off topic in relation to an article about Egypt.

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